Our Mission and Values

Founded in 1979, Roufimar is a company that is already in its second generation with exclusive dedication to the work of transformation of ornamental stones. Several decades of continuous improvement and investment have contributed to the current level of responsiveness and excellence in what we do. We are a leader SME company specializing in the transformation of marble and limestone of national and imported origin. Located in the area of Pêro Pinheiro, an area renowned for the marble trade, which also has an untouchable reputation in the national and international markets. If it’s Natural Stone, we make it.


Our team is composed of 30 people, that generically is divided in a proportion of 5 to 25, 5 in the bureaucratic area, commercial administration and logistics, and 25 in production area in its several tasks. Roufimar invests in the learning process of its employees and is proud of having people working as long as possible with us, some of them till retirement age.


Roufimar has a key standard on factory organization: total control of the product to be delivered ultimately to the client. On export, and frequently overseas businesses like we do, it is vital that we guarantee from the moment that we choose the block and slice it to the moment of production, finishing and crating, that we assure no part of the process is neglected. Following that logic, we do not subcontract any of the process of production, assuming full responsibility on each delivery. Quality, competitiveness and responsibility, three words and three commitments


Natural stone has a cycle of life that can be considered theoretically 100% recyclable. Our factory has the capacity, both technical and commercial to transform the raw material into several products that allow a optimization of the block to its almost full extent. We have also invested in the installation of photovoltaic panels to assure that Roufimar is also on the renewal energies train.